An intentional brand and website, have the potential to consistently connect you with your ideal clients and inspire them to take action!

Shanno Sheehan Circle

Hey there

I love teaming up with busy business owners who don’t have the time or experience to create a beautiful brand and website. I know just the thought of creating an online presence can be overwhelming. I'm here to take that stress away!

My mission is to empower business owners by creating brands and websites that reflect the high-quality services they offer, to provide confidence in their online presence, get them to feel excited about showing off their website to potential clients, and help them attract those dream clients.

I know that websites must be built with strategy and a dedicated eye. As the go-to brand and website designer for service based businesses – I take your visions, goals, and vibe, and turn them into the perfect corner of the web where you can't wait to send potential clients.

I’m a creative and perfectionist at heart! I’m obsessed with digging into your unique aesthetic and building a design strategy that results in a website you not only love, but helps you book more clients as well.

Guiding Values


Doing the right thing, being honest, and following through is very important to me in both my personal life and business.


I’m 100% committed to creating the brand and/or website you’ve been dreaming of. I won’t stop until you are happy and ready to launch!


Not only when designing, but also with solutions. I like to think outside of the box and try new things whenever possible.

a little more about me

––– I’m a proud mom to two sweet little kiddos and they are my biggest accomplishment.


––– My favorite yoga moves are Pigeon Pose and Warrior III.


––– I love to wander through antique stores and flea markets, searching for vintage glass, art, and decor.


––– My favorite place I’ve ever visited is South Africa. I lived on a game reserve for a month.


––– I'm a creative at heart. I'm a professional product photographer and enjoy acrylic painting (when I have the time).


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